What is a Repetitive Hand Motion Injury (Repetitive Strain Injury or Stress Injury)?

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Repetitive Hand Motion Injury | Roswell Hand Surgeon | WoodstockRepetitive motion injuries are among the most common injuries, which typically worsen due to the repetitive actions of everyday life. Particularly, with the widespread use of computers and mobile devices, the incidence of repetitive hand motion injuries has gone up. In extreme cases, hand surgery may have to be performed to correct these injuries.

Repetitive hand motion injuries may also occur due to simple actions such as scrubbing a floor or throwing a ball. More than half of all athletic-related injuries arise due to repetitive motion. Dr. Asaf Yalif is a qualified hand surgeon and plastic surgeon providing treatments for repetitive hand motion injuries to patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and surrounding locations.


Types of Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries

Tendinitis and bursitis are the two most commonly types of repetitive hand motion injuries. It can be difficult to distinguish between these disorders and in many cases they may occur at the same time.



A tendon is fibrous tissue connecting the muscle to bone. It enables movement in the joints in every part of the body. When an inflammation occurs in the tendon, it is a case of tendinitis. Elbow, such as a tennis elbow, and biceps and shoulders are common sites for tendinitis.

The inflammation usually takes place at the site of insertion into the bone. Tendons run through a lubricating sheath, which may also get inflamed. This condition is called tenosynovitis. Tenosynovitis is very similar to tendinitis, and is treated in a similar way.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, the most common compression nerve disorder, may occur due to tenosynovitis of the wrist. However, this cause-effect relationship has not been conclusively established. Dr. Yalif is a cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and hand surgery expert providing treatments for tendinitis to patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and nearby areas.



A bursa is a tiny sac or pouch present in an area where friction may occur and serves to lubricate or cushion the area between the bone and tendon. Inflammation of a bursa sac is known as bursitis. The elbow is one of the common areas where bursitis can occur. Bursitis may be traumatic, gouty or infectious in nature. Repetitive motion injuries are usually involved with traumatic bursitis. This is the most common type of bursitis among people below 35 years.


Causes of Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries

These injuries occur due to microscopic tears in the tissue. When the body fails to repair the tears as fast as they occur, it will create inflammation, and lead to pain. Repetitive activity, trauma, friction, systemic disease, and crystal deposits are the common causes of repetitive hand motion injuries. The hand surgeon will determine the precise cause before recommending appropriate treatment for these injuries.


Symptoms of Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries

Tendinitis: Pain over the injury site is the most common symptom associated with tendinitis. The skin overlying the inflamed tendon may become warm and red.

Biceps: The painful spot may be in the groove where the arm meets the shoulder.

Tennis elbow: This pain is in the elbow and is reproduced by extending the wrist.

Bursitis: Common symptoms include pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, and decreased range of motion over the affected area.

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