Types of Hand Fractures

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Types of Hand Fractures | Roswell Hand Surgery | Woodstock | AtlantaA fracture within the complex hand structures should be correctly diagnosed in order to provide the right treatment. Poor diagnosis or incorrect treatment may result in reduced function, long-term discomfort and even deformity. Hand surgery may be necessary to repair fractures of the hand, wrist or arm in extreme cases.

Dr. Asaf Yalif is a board certified hand surgeon as well as plastic surgeon providing cutting edge treatments for the hand and upper extremity. Patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive treatments from Dr. Yalif.


Classification of Fractures

Fractures of the hand may be classified by the angle of force placed on the bone or by the severity of the deformity occurring in the bone.



In this case, the bone snaps in two and the fractured ends are in alignment.



The bone is cracked, but still maintains a straight alignment at the broken ends.



The fracture remains confined within the body and does not penetrate through the skin.



The fracture causes the skin to puncture, which significantly increases the risk of infection.



In this fracture, the bone is broken into multiple piece.


Buckle Fracture

In this case, the ends of the bone are driven into each other, creating compression in the bone.


Stress Fracture

This refers to a hairline crack on the bone.

Dr. Yalif has the necessary training and expertise in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and hand surgery to provide effective solutions for hand fractures to patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and nearby areas.


Common Fractures of the Arm, Hand and Wrist

The majority of fractures related to the arm, hand and wrist come under the following key categories:


Distal Radius Fracture (Colles’ Fracture)

This fracture is usually caused when a person falls onto the outstretched arm. It leads to a break in the radius or forearm bone, usually about an inch above the wrist. An intra-articular fracture will extend into the joint, while an extra-articular fracture will not.


Distal Ulna Fracture

This fracture is similar to a distal radius fracture, but it involves a fracture of the ulna, which is the second forearm bone.


Fracture of the Finger

Even a minor fracture of the finger should be treated in a timely manner to avoid risks such as long-term stiffness, misalignment, pain and impairment of function.


Hand Fracture

Long bones of the hand, known as the metacarpals, may break to cause a fracture that accounts for one-third of all hand fractures. A ‘boxer’s fracture’ may occur in the fifth bone of the hand leading to the little finger.


Scaphoid Fracture

The scaphoid is a small wrist bone, located where the wrist is bending on the thumb side. This fracture may commonly occur when a person falls onto the palm of the hand.


Thumb Fracture

The thumb has vital role in the function of the hand, which makes it important to address even small thumb injury quickly. Thumb injuries can also increase the risk of arthritis. Thumb is made up of several tiny bones, and most severe fractures of the thumb usually occur near the joints.

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