Different Types of Hand Surgeries

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Different Types of Hand Surgeries
Different Types of Hand Surgeries

Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a premier center for a range of hand and cosmetic surgery procedures. The center is led by Dr. Asaf Yalif who provides advanced solutions for a range of hand related problems.

Dr. Yalif’s extensive training and experience in plastic surgery, orthopedics and hand surgery has equipped him with a distinctive skill set to treat a variety of hand related diseases and injuries. The center receives patients from Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and surrounding communities.

Degenerative Diseases of the Hand

Degenerative diseases progressively worsen over time, and are marked by limited mobility and chronic pain. These conditions are often caused due to aging, previous injuries, genetic factors, and inflammation. Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides a range of hand surgery as well as non-surgical solutions to address degenerative diseases of the hand, wrist and upper extremity. These include:


• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Kienbocks Disease

Tendonitis or Tendon Damage

• Tendonitis
• de Quervain Syndrome
• Mallet Finger
• Trigger Finger
• MCP/PIP Joints

Nerve Damage

• Nerve Damage in the Hand/Wrist
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
• Dupuytren’s Disease

Sports and Workplace Injuries

Dr. Yalif is an experienced hand surgeon providing innovative treatments for injuries that occur while playing sports or at the workplace. Hand injuries often occur when a person falls, and the hands automatically move to allow the body to land on them. This can cause injuries to the bones and soft tissue of the hand, wrist, finger, and arm.

The surgical and non-surgical treatment options for sports and workplace related injuries by leading hand and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yalif to patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and nearby areas include the following:

• Repetitive motion injuries, also called repetitive stress or strain injuries
• Breaks and fractures of the arm, wrist, hand, fingers, and thumb

Amputations and Severe Trauma Injuries

Dr. Yalif and his team at the practice are fully equipped to perform hand reconstruction surgery to repair the damage resulting from a traumatic injury to the hand, thumb, fingers or arm as well as to address the long term complications of such an injury. These include:

• Hand Reconstruction: Amputations, severe trauma to the hand, fingers, or arm
• Scar Treatment

As a highly trained and experienced hand and plastic surgeon, Dr. Yalif is in the best position to provide advanced hand reconstruction and scar reduction procedures. These procedures are designed to mitigate long term visible and physical outcomes of a traumatic injury. This allows the restoration of an active and healthy lifestyle for the patient.

Hand Rejuvenation

Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s lead surgeon Dr. Yalif is the only surgeon in the Atlanta area with specialized training and experience in hand surgery, orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery. He also provides non-surgical hand rejuvenation procedures to achieve desirable aesthetic outcomes.

• Fillers/Fat Grafting/Injections
• Skin Resurfacing
• Sclerotherapy
• Chemical Peels
• Laser Resurfacing
• IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

A combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures may also be provided in appropriate cases.

For more information about the plastic surgery procedures and treatments performed by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Asaf Yalif please call us at 404.822.4402 or click here to schedule a consultation. Offices located in Atlanta, Roswell, and Woodstock, Georgia.

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