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Hand Specialist | Hand Surgeon | Atlanta | Woodstock | Roswell GAPre-operative preparation is an important part of any surgical procedure, including hand surgery. The patient should be committed to following the surgeon’s instructions as part of the preparation process. Final results in hand surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures are affected, in part, by how well the patient had prepared for it.

A well-prepared patient will be physically and emotionally fit for the surgery and having clear goals and realistic expectations. This boosts their chances of achieving high satisfaction levels from the surgery. Dr. Asaf Yalif is a triple board certified hand surgeon as well as plastic surgeon providing various hand and upper extremity procedures to patients in Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and surrounding communities.

Preparatory Steps

Well before the date of surgery, the patient should start working on the following aspects, and preferably have a part of this information ready even at the time of initial consultation:

  • Arrange for previous health records for a review by the cosmetic surgeon or hand surgeon.
  • Compile a list of all prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal supplements and vitamins that the patient may be currently taking.
  • Get any x-ray, MRI scan or blood test done as advised by the surgeon.
  • Reconfigure the schedule on any prescription drugs in consultation between the physician and the surgeon.
  • Avoid smoking for a few weeks as advised by the surgeon.
  • Complete any major or urgent tasks at the home or office well in advance, in order to have a stress-free recovery time.
  • Arrange for a responsible person to transport the patient back home after the hand surgery or plastic surgery
  • Arrange for aftercare, whether a family member or a professional nurse, for the first few days as needed.

A thorough preparation effort will increase the chances of a safe, comfortable, and faster recovery. Dr. Yalif receives patients from Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, and nearby areas for hand surgery.

A Day before the Surgery

The surgeon may provide written or oral instructions to be followed before the scheduled day of hand surgery. These instructions may include:

  • Rest well and sleep early on the night before the hand surgery.
  • Avoid eating or drinking for at least eight hours prior to the surgery.
  • Do not consume alcohol for at least 48 hours before the surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on way to the surgery center. The shirt or top should preferably button in the front.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes or another chronic condition should take their medications with a single sip of water on the morning of the surgery as per the surgeon’s guidance.

Mild pre-operative stress and anxiety is normal and expected, and most patients will go through it. The surgeon may prescribe a medication to keep the patient relaxed on the night before the surgery. The patient should arrange for pain meds, pillows, loose fitting clothes, and other essential items at home in advance. This will put them in a full state of readiness for the recovery phase.

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So you’ve had a nip here and a tuck there and your face and body look great but what about your hands? They are starting to show some of the signs of aging too and you’d like to know your options. Luckily there are a few out there.

mgraphicFirst and foremost we can inject the same filler that we use for your face (Juvederm, Radiesse, etc.) into the backside of your hands. It replaces some of the volume that is lost as we age making the hands appear much more youthful.  These injections work well and typically last 12-18 months.

For a more permanent solution we can harvest fat from elsewhere on your body (usually the abdomen) and then graft that fat into the back of hands similar to the fillers above. This is usually a more permanent solution but may require more than one procedure, as grafted fat may not fully take.

I offer both procedures and think they both work great; it really comes down to how much “volume” you will need to make your hands look more youthful.  Both provide natural looking youthful results for your hands. During a consultation I determine, together with my patients, which option suits their needs and desires the best.

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